Welcome to the Bilingualism and Traumatic Brain Injury Research Project

The Bilingualism and Traumatic Brain Injury (BiTBI) Research Project project examines how traumatic brain injury impacts bilingual cognition and how academic and professional success can be supported by the identification of memory, reasoning, and attention difficulties.  We are interested in understanding the impact of brain injury on specific cognitive abilities in bilingual speakers. Individuals with a history of brain injury/concussions may show difficulties in certain cognitive abilities, such as attention and memory.  These cognitive difficulties can affect performance in social, academic, and work environments. It is possible that these impairments cause additional problems for bilingual individuals because the ability to communicate effectively in two languages places constant demands on attention and memory.  When speaking in one language, bilinguals must retrieve words from only the relevant language and must suppress words from the other language. To date, there is almost no data on how traumatic brain injury/concussions affect cognitive abilities in bilingual speakers. 

This website contains information about the BiTBI project, the requirements for study participation, and the project personnel.


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